I’m a Ph.D. physics graduate student at the University of Cincinnati. Egyptian by birth and a proud Muslim. Science geek and I hate pseudoscience and snakes. I’m working on LHCb experiment at CERN. My research in focusing on looking for Long lived particles signal that involve SUSY (supersymmetry). I’m also involved in LHCb trigger upgrade efforts. I got my MS degree at the University of Minnesota, I was searching for Magnetic Monopole, one of the most elusive particles in our history, which we look for since the dawn of time I love what I’ve done so far, and although that we don’t know much about why we don’t have this elusive particle detected yet. I worked at the NOvA experiment at Fermilab, which is one of the best places in the world. Do you know that you can visit it easily?

I graduated from Zewail University in Egypt then moved to the US for graduate school working on the NOvA experiment at Fermilab. I worked with my Supervisor and the great man Dr. Alec Habig who taught me a lot of things about physics and even world history. Furthermore, I’m also learning machine learning and how we could apply it to our field, which would enhance our ability to understand our data and get answers for our big questions in mind.

I’m a big fan of online learning, and I took many courses on MOOC platforms like Coursera, EDX, and Udacity. Mainly in my areas of interest, which are Data analysis, computer science, and Physics but nerveless, I took many courses in other areas to expand my knowledge. I mainly like Coursera as I consider it the best MOOC platform available. I’m glad to surf as a volunteer beta tester for their new courses as I was selected among others to give back some of what we had learned.

More about me

When I’m not doing physics or machine learning, I may be reading or playing games like a supreme ruler. I’m addicted to this game and consider it one of the most important inventions in the history of computer games. I usually like to struggle with balancing the economy, which this game offers me. I’m not very active on social media except for Goodreads (would you like to show me your title list?). Once ago, I was very enthusiastic with a bunch of other guys. We eliminated a 30 years dictatorship using social media power, but we lost the game in the end.

Mohamed Elashri

  • (2020- ) Ph.D Sci, UC
  • (2018-2020) M.S. Sci, UMN
  • (2013-2018) B.S. Sci, UST


01 Mar 2023

Passed Oral Exam

15 August 2022


25 Feb, 2022

I Joined LHCb Collaboration

10 August, 2020

Started My Ph.D at Univeristy of Cincinnati.

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Upcoming Events

April 15-18, 2023

APS April Meeting
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

June 11-17, 2023

Thematic CERN School of Computing
Split, Croatia

August 20th – September 2nd 2023

44th CERN School of Computing
University of Tartu, Estonia