Other projects

LaTeX to MathML Converter

Convert LaTeX code to MathML code with this simple and easy-to-use converter

Particle Decay Calculator

Calculate and convert between decay length, lifetime and width of particles using online Particle Decay Calculator. written in Javascript

SUSY Mass Spectrum Plotter

A plotting module for SUSY SLHA file Mass Spectrum. .

Arxiv Abstracts Scraper Package

A python module for scraping arxiv abstracts for NLP testing purpose. .


A python module to do hadd in parallel for ROOT . Using multiprocessing library .

Analysis of Type Ia supernovae data

This work revisits the Supernovae 1999 data and reproduces the results. The paper is available for more detail.

Estimating the Age of universe using galaxies distance and velocity data

This project aims to calculate the hubble constant and the age of universe using an sklearn model from galaxies distances and velocities. The Source Code is available.

2d Ising Model Montecarlo Simulation using Metropolis Algorithm

This work applies the MC methods using Metropolis Algorithm to the Ising model and extracts physical parameters. The Source Code with different implementations and discussions is available.